Traffic Tickets Explained

On September 15, 2015 by Linda Fenner

Almost every trucker is going to receive a traffic ticket, whether they deserve it or not. That is just how it goes. How it will affect you depends a great deal on how and why it is written. Most truckers, in our experience, receive tickets classified as infractions or misdemeanors, and only occasionally as felonies.

An infraction can be written as a moving, or non-moving, violation of the law, such as a minor speeding or seat belt ticket, depending on the state where you are licensed. Penalties usually can be paid and do not involve jail time. However, they can and usually do have a negative impact on your driving record, and your CSA score if you were inspected at the time of the stop.

trucking traffic tickets explainedMisdemeanors are more serious than infractions, and they vary by state. Misdemeanors may include driving without insurance, driving without a valid license, driving under the influence, or failing to stop at an accident.

Felonies usually have larger fines or longer jail time, or both. They are the most serious crimes under the law, and the punishments match the violation. A felony can affect some of your personal rights as a citizen, and you may spend more than a year in jail.

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