Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Get A Ticket!

On October 15, 2015 by Linda Fenner

We talk to truck drivers every day. I would like to share with you some of the most common mistakes made by our clients when they receive a traffic violation.

    1. Assuming it will not effect your driving record.
    2. Not confirming what you are told by the officer at the time of the stop. Sometimes their remarks are based on the law in their state and not the state you are licensed in.
    3. Waiting too late to hire an attorney to represent you in court.
    4. Not reading the ticket instructions. This is very important. They are different in nearly every state.
    5. Not cooperating with the officer or “copping an attitude”.
    6. Paying the fine before consulting with an attorney.

Now that you are informed, please pass this on to your friends. And remember to call Coast To Coast at 1-888-266-0499 to protect your CDL!



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