Don’t Pay the Fine, No Matter How Small!

On December 15, 2015 by Linda Fenner

No matter how insignificant your traffic violation may seem, there is never a reason to just pay the fine. Even the smallest ticket can cause a problem. If you have a clean driving record when you receive your first “gift” from the officer, keep it that way by consulting with us so we can refer you to an attorney.

Truckers call us every day and tell us they just went ahead and paid their last ticket because their record was clean at the time, but now they have been issued another one. Tickets can mount quickly and cause a lot of problems. In addition to the damage to your driving record, it also effects your insurance. Coast To Coast has a data base of attorneys familiar with CDL law to consult on your behalf. Call us at 1-888-266-0499!

Trucker Traffic Ticket

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