15th Mar

Traffic Ticket 411

WHAT TO DO WHEN YOU RECEIVE A TRAFFIC TICKET If you receive a traffic ticket, it is of vital importance to read the instructions given with the ticket. Some states print them on the reverse side, or there may be an additional page. Be sure to read these instructions closely! Some states require you send […]

15th Dec
Trucker Traffic Ticket

Don’t Pay the Fine, No Matter How Small!

No matter how insignificant your traffic violation may seem, there is never a reason to just pay the fine. Even the smallest ticket can cause a problem. If you have a clean driving record when you receive your first “gift” from the officer, keep it that way by consulting with us so we can refer […]

15th Nov
Florida Truck Driver

Special Information for Drivers Licensed in Florida

In the state of Florida, there is a huge difference between reckless driving and careless driving. Reckless driving is a “criminal traffic offense”, while careless driving is only a “civil traffic infraction”. Please give us a call if you receive either one. We can contact our attorneys and check with them about a possible outcome […]

15th Oct
Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Get A Ticket!

Don’t Make These Mistakes When You Get A Ticket!

We talk to truck drivers every day. I would like to share with you some of the most common mistakes made by our clients when they receive a traffic violation. 1. Assuming it will not effect your driving record. 2. Not confirming what you are told by the officer at the time of the stop. […]

15th Sep
trucking traffic tickets explained

Traffic Tickets Explained

Almost every trucker is going to receive a traffic ticket, whether they deserve it or not. That is just how it goes. How it will affect you depends a great deal on how and why it is written. Most truckers, in our experience, receive tickets classified as infractions or misdemeanors, and only occasionally as felonies. […]

05th Sep

Welcome to “Trucker Talk”!

Welcome to our new column, called “Trucker Talk”. We’ll be posting tips, tricks and advice on a monthly basis, designed to help you, our friends and clients. Please feel free to comment on our articles, but be aware that for regulatory reasons, all comments must be reviewed before posting. Of course, you may also want […]